An Exclusive Webinar Training

This webinar was originally held on December 17th, 2019.

This webinar is an ideal course for Australian, New Zealand and American Carpet Cleaners looking to improve their earnings in carpet and upholstery cleaning. 

Duration is approximately 1.5 hours and includes:

  • A presentation running through the steps you need to be successful
  • Question time from the original webinar including questions asked and Garry’s responses
  • Access to the recording will never expire.

Flags of Australia, New Zealand and United States.

Here Is What You'll Learn

  • An informative and interactive interview
    Join Garry as he interviews John Lundsgaard from Protox Denmark (see John's bio below). Listen to John as he evaluates the top 12 products available on the Australian market. Watch as they explain why mould exists and how to treat mould and prevent future growth of mould. This will be an interactive session where you can ask questions.

  • Learn how the different products on the market work
    What products are you currently using? Do you know how they work? Why the cheapest product may not be actually cost the least when it comes to treating mould. Ask questions and get your answers on the spot. Webinar is recorded and you can watch again later, great for team toolbox/training sessions.

Garry Carroll

With over 20 years in the cleaning and restoration industry Garry Carroll has developed his expertise and knowledge base through training and his personal desire to embrace new technology and cleaning and restoration techniques.

Structural drying training through Steve Swan IICRC, Kurt Bolden/Rachael Adams- Hydra lab IICRC, Chuck Dewalt American Drying Institute ADI, Robert Spencer British Damage Management Association BDMA, Ernie Storer Inject-dry Systems, A Master Textile Cleaner and Restorer through the IICRC, Master Rug Cleaning Technician training through Aaron Groseclose and Ellen Amirkhan. Trained with Bridgepoint systems and Piranha marketing.

Together, Garry Carroll and Lorelle McCulloch successfully operated and managed one of the largest Cleaning & Restoration companies in South East Queensland, Australia during 1995-2015. Building the business from 1 vehicle to the largest business in the industry in South East Queensland.

Read more about Garry's business career and training portfolio on our website.

We offer our customers real life knowledge & experience which enable you to change your thinking on how you can improve your customer experience which will improve your business.

Garry Carroll

Master Instructor

John Lundsgaard

Degree (M.Sc.) in chemistry and biology 1982

  • 6 years - lab manager medical chemistry synthesis plant (psychopharmaceutic)
  • 2 years - lab and quality manager pharmaceutical rubber manufacturing
  • 2 years – lab and quality manager woodcare production
  • 6 years – development manager woodcare production
  • 8 years – tech. manager advisory company – chemistry/health/safety/environment
  • 4 years – HSEQ manager printing industry
  • 8 years – tech. manager Protox


More about Protox

Founded in 2003 by Ole Munck who has been working as a biologist since 1982.

Danish company based in Kolding, where we have our administration and production

Producing professional products for the European Restoration Industry

Today the leading company in Denmark producing chemicals for the professionals

Protox are specialists in moulds, fungi, insects and odour products. For many years, this knowledge has been used to develop and produce products for professional users and advisors who work to prevent and combat these living organisms that threaten our buildings and our indoor environments.

In order to share our knowledge, we are dedicated to maintaining ongoing courses, where we pass on our experience and knowledge of problems and challenges in buildings and indoor environments. We do this to be able to give you the best tools to solve the problems professionally with as little impact on the environment, working environment and indoor environment as possible.

We are a Danish company that is based in Kolding, where both our administration, production and sales are combined. From here we have for many years developed, tested and produced our products so that they are so gentle on the environment and working environment as possible and meet all Danish and international requirements.

John Lundsgaard

Protox Denmark